Does cassie dating diddy

LMFAO RT @Its Just Thaii: Gonna save this for a good Monday morning argument.Diddy could probably write a book about his love life - from all the women he's slept with to all the ones he's impregnated.These stars are always hanging around, but never actually accomplishing anything significant, and at this rate, they're like "fetch." They're just not going to happen. Unfortunately, work has mostly dried up for her since 2001, with occasional bit parts on television and only direct-to-video film roles seemingly being offered to her.She's since become a conservative commentator, but she even lost that gig: In Jan.

People are alarmed." A second source said, "The format for Megyn's show doesn't make sense.

But the Cassie situation is one "rumor" that just won't go away!

Despite the hip hop mogyl denying that he's dating his musical protege, the two have been spotted together - often.

It was Diddy’s choice of photo and caption for Kim that sparked hilarious tweets.

— La Tasha (@downtown7thave) December 18, 2017 And Kim knows the power she truly has so does Cassie if she ever decided to collect Diddy back she could.

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