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Few lights will decorate the vast expanse of Australia until the plane nears the eastern shore, when the lights of Sydney should be visible.At this point there is still around three hours to go.The most direct track for this particular flight is refreshingly clear of conflict zones.The Boeing 777 passes more or less directly over Dubai, then slices across northern Oman, before a long oceanic stretch to the southern tip of India.Planes must fly long diversions to avoid the territory of the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Egypt.But, so long as the route continues to 2022, it could fly the Wales football team to the World Cup in Qatar.The far reaching consequences of this service for passengers and businesses will be transformational.” The fortunes of the big Gulf carriers may be waning.

Ahead of the departure of flight QR920, Air India may re-state its claim that its Delhi-San Francisco route is in fact the world's longest because of the course taken.

Seats are still available for the first departure of the world’s longest passenger flight.

For £1,447, you can buy a return London-Auckland ticket, departing from Heathrow at 3.05pm on Saturday afternoon for a flight to Doha, where it touches down shortly after midnight.

One year and one week after Cardiff Airport announced its first long-haul link with the Gulf, Qatar Airways flight 323 touched down ahead of schedule after a 3,400-mile flight from Doha.

The brand-new Airbus A350, just delivered to the Qatari airline, was specially deployed for the first flight.

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