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These processions were occasions of public celebrations, with people travelling great distances to participate.

Of some of the processions one knows during which season they happened.

The Sokar festival lasted ten days with a consumption of 7400 loaves of bread and cakes and 1372 measures of beer.

On the holidays the gods were carried outside in their gilded boats, often made a short journey on the Nile before returning to the gloom of their naos.

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At the Ramesseum during the three week long Opet festival 11,400 bread loaves and cakes were baked and eaten, 385 measures of beer were consumed as well as considerable amounts of meat, wine, fruit.The minor Khnum chapel at Gebel Tingar near Aswan on the other hand had only local fame.It attracted workers from the near-by quarries, ordinary soldiers on duty in the region and priests of the lower ranks .A white bull had a sun-disk fastened between his horns and represented the god himself.The gilded wooden statues of the pharaohs were carried in the procession with the notable exceptions of Hatshepsut, Akhenaten and his heirs.

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