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error updating bootrom-6error updating bootrom-68

In this scenario, you are connected to the serial console, have downloaded the new OS into flash, and issued a “boot system” command to boot the switch to the new OS.ROM information: Build directory: /ws/swbuildm/bomrom_qaoff/rom/build/bomrom(swbuildm_bomrom_qaoff_rel_bomrom) Build date: Feb 2 2016 Build time: Build version: KB. Build number: 1495 Boot Profiles: 0. This can be verified by issuing “show version” and “show flash” from the switch CLI.Be sure to reinstall the Flex Port module(s) if you removed them during the recovery procedure.I would like the keyboard to work again since I use it with a Garmin map program and when I bring up the map the keyboard covers it. This advisory applies to the Aruba 3810M Switch Series with optional Flex Port modules installed.

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