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Couple of "continue" buttons - and the error disappeared. I was messaging a user back from a page I own and I was seeing this very message. mentioned,it means the user account is currently flagged by Facebook’s security algorithms.I had a Facebook Page with a Facebook App, created in the Facebook Developers area. I did this by going to Facebook Developer, selecting the app I was working with, clicking the Messenger tab for the list of enabled products for this app, and then selecting re-generate token. I got this message when logged in several times in different place.However, it lacks one key: validating the Authorization header your sending to your API Management.Once your authorization server is set up and you’re able to retrieve an access token, you may realize that you can still access your API with just a subscription key. The final step is to setup a policy rule that checks the JWT you’re sending and rejects the request if the access token is invalid.State is a key from the client and it can be any unique key you want.The same key is returned in response to make sure access token is returned to same client who requested it. Header After providing all parameter values, click on Request Token, it will prompt Microsoft Login screen to enter credentials.The request that caused the error was a POST to In my case it was solved simply by logging in to the Business Manager.

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But if you do have facebook on your tablet, go to your settings and disable the code generator anyway. Jilly Those directions I gave you must be before facebook updates.Postman is a great tool to test REST APIs, however, it was bit tricky to setup OAuth 2.0 to test the API.I am outlining steps here to set up OAuth 2.0 and use Postman correctly to test Web API on Azure.Use any account which is part of your Azure Active Directory user info and grant access, once completed you will get the access token window showing the returned access token with all other info. After closing the screen, click on “preview request” which adds the Authorization Headers to the request.The issues I encountered when trying to create new access token: AADSTS70002: The request body must contain the following parameter: ‘client_secret or client_assertion’.

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