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Unfortunately, while their Fe, Ne, and Ti may contribute to a perfect brainstorm of fears and concerns, NTPs are often reluctant to reality test their hypotheses.

Namely, they may fail to express their fears and concerns to their partners in order to determine whether they are well-founded. Why are TPs reluctant to disclose their fears and concerns to their partner?

When TPs conceal their concerns about their partner or about the state of the relationship, they do neither themselves nor the relationship any favors.

Here are some examples of thoughts TPs may harbor and fail to share with their partners: “There she goes being irrational again.

While highly idealistic on the one hand, an inferior Fe can also produce ample doubt and cynicism toward relationships on the other.NTPs may worry, for instance, that it is only a matter of time before their partner will start trying to control or make excessive demands of them.INTPs, in particular, may be terrified of compromising their cherished independence and autonomy.One reason TPs may fail to communicate their thoughts in relationships is a concern for hurting their partner’s feelings.Considering their status as Thinking types, it may seem a bit strange that TPs be overly concerned about hurting others feelings.

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