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I was the tallest girl in my grade at my suburban Orange County church, and taller than almost all of the boys.

That is, until Nathan’s family began attending our services.

I’d been raised to have faith in the seemingly impossible. * * * Throughout high school, I remained steadfast in my certainty that Nathan and I would end up together.

When he began dating another girl from our youth group named Tori, I was disappointed that I wouldn’t be his first girlfriend, but I wasn’t worried (and sure enough, they broke up later that year).

Sometimes at church, when our youth group was sprawled out on the couches after the service, I’d catch him staring at me.

When a Christian dating book, , began making the rounds among my friends, I thought, he already has. I didn’t see the point in dating if I already knew whom I was going to marry, but I didn’t mind if Nathan dated a few other people in the meantime.

When he ignored me on church trips, or flirted with other people, I brushed it off.

Plus, they said, the sex would be better if you waited, because the bond you’d have with your spouse wouldn’t be watered down from multiple partners.

After graduation, I ended up going to the same San Diego private Christian college as Tori, Nathan’s first girlfriend.

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