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1M previous updates all as good or slightly better than this one.

-Tell your friends, family, colleagues, co-workers and neighbours to check out ORSM-DOT-NET otherwise my friend Ray carve a figurine out of his poop that bears an uncanny resemblance to you.

I had again tapped my friendly IT guy to come and install some hidden cameras and a recording system including audio.

They were high definition cameras so should record all the action in detail. I let her in and she was dressed to kill -- not that the clothes would stay on too long. She was quite tall at five eight, had a great 38C bust and long legs and great ass. I can take your cock all the way down my throat as well. I've seen that bulge in your shorts at the pool even though you tried to cover it up so I know you're pretty long. Come on Margaret you know I'm never going to admit anything. I would like to take you out to a have a nice quiet dinner somewhere. I got in and opened the garage door and backed out.

And you know what, she has such a gorgeous body Dave, 34A tits and a lovely mound, she'd make a great fuck. I don't think she knows what type of bonding we're going to do. I kept nuzzling her breasts and sucking her nipples -- gently biting them occasionally. I moved my hand down her flat stomach to her mound and cupped it in my hand. A lot of women have none, their tummies just disappear between their legs. I continued to cup it and slide my little finger into her slit finding her clit. I got between her open legs and nuzzled my face in her crotch. I licked the whole length of her slit, all the way from her little puckered ass past her vagina where I paused to taste her juices, to the top of her mound where I sucked on her clit. Her body shook and she let out a long quiet scream. I slowly pumped her while at the same time squeezing her clit. I could feel her react as the hot liquid filled her. It was rapidly going soft and eventually came out of her with a plop. I kissed here lips as I caressed her face and hair.

Doug, that's not right, she's your daughter and you shouldn't be thinking that way. I massaged it as she pushed her bottom off the bed and into my hand. I put two fingers in her vagina and stroked the front trying to find her G-spot. I kept flicking her clit with my tongue as another orgasm racked her body. I let her down slowly and lay with my head on her tummy. I took her legs and put them on my hips, she immediately put her feet behind my back and pulled me to her. Her moans got longer an louder and I could feel her muscles clenching my cock deep inside her body. I stopped moving in and out while her orgasm ebbed, she was still clenching my cock. That was so fucking good Steph, you were so responsive. You were wonderful and it was the first time I had felt a man's cum shoot inside me.

What is it you want Margaret, you don't need to blackmail me with some wild ass story about me and Geena. You had a little too much to drink and you cornered my in the hall and had your hand all over my crotch. Dave the thought of fucking you has certainly crossed my mind and it's certainly something I would enjoy but there is something else I want from you. One day she had undone her bra and when she stood up she forgot to hang on to it and we got a good look at her tit er her breasts. The waitress came back Will you order for me please daddy?

You know you have that great recreation room in your basement -- it would be perfect. Chapter Three -- Hidden Window Well I was a little unforthcoming when I said I wasn't aware of Doug's fascination with our daughter. I've heard everything you could imagine and some things you couldn't Thanks David, I just don't normally tell anyone these things, you wouldn't believe what girls tell.

A few cars in your driveway would seem out of the ordinary. His closet in our bedroom has an adjoining wall with Steph's bathroom and one day I was rummaging through some of Doug's clothes getting ready to give them to charity. Well my friend Em who lives in Philly used to live near hear and she went to the same school as me. You only have to confide in someone who swears to secrecy that you had sex with whoever and the next thing you are the biggest slut in the school.

Sit on my lap and talk about the first thing that pops up?

All characters in the story are fictitious; any similarity to any persons, places, individuals or situations is purely coincidental.

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