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Despite seeing her, he doesn't make a move on her until after her gig at The Troubadour.Encouraged by Fredrik Ferrier to pursue her and believing rival Spencer Matthews unavailable to her, Francis takes a rose over to her table post-performance.Upon Spencer's return to the table, Francis leaves, but sees her leave his rose behind as she joins Spencer for dinner.Regardless, he still intends to pursue Caggie, as he tells Rosie.After recently splitting up with her boyfriend, Gabriella gets close to Ollie again leaving Cheska worried as to whether the estranged couple will reunite.Binky is still left confused by Jamie as he refuses to make any effort with her.

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Though Francis points out Spencer is no longer an option to Caggie, Millie privately breaks it to Francis that Caggie isn't interested.At Proudlock’s weekend break, Spencer once again gets the wrong idea about Andy and Louise, and Jamie confesses his love to Binky before laying a kiss on her.The next morning Binky is shocked when Jamie admits it was a mistake, and he faces the wrath of both Ollie and Cheska for hurting her.Meanwhile in an attempt to put his feelings for Louise aside, Andy asks Sophia out on a date.Cheska arranges a boys night to cheer Binky up, and Spencer decides to arrange a boys night.

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