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However, one player may temporarily hand over control of their character to another player if they cannot play for a while, rather than dropping out entirely.

In certain play-by-post gaming circles larger-scale boards exist where the entire board is devoted to advancing a single storyline, rather than many different stories proceeding in separate threads.

Good Free Form P4P players will always leave an out for their opponent and many long time Free Form P4P Role Players have likened this form of gaming to playing a game of chess with the mind.

Any form of this cheating (automatic hits and controlling another player's character) is commonly referred to as "power playing" or "God modding".All play is based upon actions and reactions of the players thus given the impromptu of the characters in certain situations.In free form P4P Role play gaming combat you are not allowed to call your hits and must give your opponent the opportunity to respond to your post in a "they post–you post" situation thus the Post for Post.Depending on the rules established on the forum, roleplaying and story can be pushed forward through moderation by a gamemaster, specific rules (often existing role-playing game systems), or by mutual agreement between players.Role-playing by mutual agreement does not rely on statistics or dice; any combat is usually written in entirety by one or more players.

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