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We suggest you to change your passphrase frequently and make it like `3c&8hn Hg) _9DLkhn Such combination is very hard to guess and it takes a very long time to try. Encryption of message is done in the browser before sending anonymous text to the server, and the key to decrypt the message is the second part of the URL - #KEY.

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Nickname , Age , Sex ( Male / Female ) , Country and State.

AES 256 algorithm is safe and it takes about 100 years to hack it as well. Each participant will get one-time personal link from you for access to the chat room. Inactive participant will automated kick off from encrypted chat without access to chat's content. Also you can leave them by default (30 minutes per each parameter).

Do the internet services keep my secret message not encrypted etc. Then you should choose number of participants from 2 to 30.

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