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In the meantime we will do our best to deliver the best possible gaming experience by further improving our website. It is the Memorial Day Weekend here in the USA, so I’m going to keep this Update very short. Prepare yourself for a railgun-shredding, mega-powered magic flinging journey into a post-post-apocalyptic world where supernatural horrors vie with technological empires for mastery of the world. Meaning at the end of the game, everyone will vote on who did the best in character role-play (not roll-play) for the session. 300 years in the future, Eastern Europe is a permafrost wasteland filled with Warlords commanding armies of cyborg soldiers, high-tech remnants of the Soviet Empire, and magical supernatural creatures. The adventures of a cargo convoy run to Mexico & the party will be split into two teams for a repair mission and a convoy mission.

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The difference between acronyms and shorthand is that with acronyms, (for example, 'ESP' is an initialism for 'extra sensory perception' whereas 'esp. The online practice is to refer to shorthand, initialisms, or abbreviations as acronyms.BTW: If you ever see someone TYPING AN ENTIRE SENTENCE IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS that means SHOUTING!It is not proper netiquette to TYPE IN ALL CAPS (even in email), in fact, it's annoying.For testing Voice & Video chat and other features, we recommend using another browser window (in incognito mode) or using our i OS & Android mobile chat apps (click on “Try a demo” button in the app login screen). Besides car games, we offer a lot of car-related categories such as parking, truck and bike games.

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