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Without further ado, I will commence my investigation of GDI. I am a Newbie, so, suggestions are greatly encouraged. I just be a member for 2 days still working on building my site I have some question for you guys.. Hello, I'm Jane Buttery and I live in Harrow Onatrio a rural area.I feel that this is going to be a great opportunity for me. Jane My name is Janine Vivona and I am from Florida.

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Welcome Aboard, Chip Admin Hello to all, My name is Jay Voter and I have just signed up with GDI yesterday.GDI as an ally instead of a competitor (when it comes to site hosting) and the benefits! Can anyone tell me how to access the site in English? Im an 18 year old affiliate and i'm loving it. of 07 and am still not up and running w/my website. But I have awhole lot to lean, Ive been thi computer for about 3 hours now and still havent gotten anywhere but i did learn a lot so i iwll put it to work asap! your domain is pointing at your username i think...!!!!! If anyone can assist me in that area please send me a PM. I am member since yesterday and I am very happy because i join to this big company, which offer so many opportunities. Anyhow, I'm a bit nervous as I have never built a website before. Rhonda Please introduce yourself, where you are from and any comments/questions you wish to post.Who knows....maybe I would be posting here from somewhere while on vacation, instead of my home office! I'm very excited about this business and can't wait to build it up to where I am comfortable and helping others to be as well. Hi my name is Kenya, and I am fairly new since Dec. And i look forward to building my site as well as progressing w/GDI it is a very promising company. I've only been here for an hour or so but wanted to say hello and that I'm looking forward to learning much, much more about GDI. Very easy to advertise, only a month, even I can afford it. BUT you can point it to your ws/your username and let the 7 min video do the talking :)My name is Sarah, I am from Newport News VA. I hope that this forum will help guide me as questions arise. 8)Hi, My name is Michael Ellson and I'm in Tasmania, an island which is downunder, downunder, that is Australia. I love GDI, my space cadet glow is shining brightly, havn't you noticed the huge breakout of dotwssites all over the I am blown away that there is actually a legitimate business that you can start for literally nothing and make a significant income with. Also, don't hesitate to build your Web Site and post under Showcase, Share Your Web Site... To view many of the Web Sites created by Members, check out "Share Your Web Site": Part 1 and 2.Thanks to all and I wish everyone the absolute best success in all they do. Hi to all those who are new as well and glad to be apart to all those who have beenhere. Welcome Darlene, There's always the built in Help feature that you can refer to. Initially I only had a one pager, but I now have four pages. Aaron Riddell HELLO, MY NAME IS KEITH LUDWICK AND I AM A NEWBIE FIRST TIME POSTING HERE. NOT SEEING MUCH OF A TURNOUT BUT AM GONNA KEEP GOING... Hello everyone, My name is Charles Humphrey from Chicago and I'am very blessed to be part of "Business History"In desperation I asked a question via the internet.The question was,"Are the any legitimate home-based internet business out there that are not scams? Hello fellow CEO's , Am kingsley form Houston, Texas, USA.

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