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Equally bad are the large Internet companies that handle massive amounts of user data without providing additional security (like E2EE) from them.

Attempts to actually lock out themselves from user data are laughable considering how much money these companies have.

For that reason self signed certs should ideally be used only in testing, on in situations where you yourself can verify their authenticity.

• February 2, 2018 PM K15 - Self signed certificates should bring up a stern warning on your browser unless you unwisely turned this off.

go to toilet) and decrypt/unlock your phone and send the message. • February 2, 2018 PM K15 - Certificates signed by a reputable authority to be issued to the named company/domain provide substantial verification that you are connecting to that company/domain, and not somebody else.Plus that statement leaves so much room for interpretation.Maybe they don't think it's inappropriate to comply with lawful requests.I have tried to explain to relatives and friends on the dangers of using the phone or even just unlocking it for a call but AI have been labeled as paranoid and surely enough, officials have released statements that the CCTVs in the elevators and public areas are all networked and run through "filters" and "programs" for "Anti-Terrorism" efforts.If you have someone important to message, think along the lines of the US President but on a easier to replicate scale.

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