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This is one of the most important episodes in the first few seasons that still effects the current shows being produced. take from Joshua Burke (@jemcinema) Krusty being one of my favorite characters, I loved this episode because of him.

The rest of the cast was good too, but Krusty really stood out in this episode.

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Cory Anotado (@pacdude) Bart, Jimbo, Kearney and Dolph stare at the sky and try to make out shapes in clouds.

Lisa eventually realizes that no one should tell you who to be, and that being someone you’re not will only please others.

It is unfortunate that The Simpsons has lost this feel, sucumbing to the humor of shows like Family Guy and South Park (although I enjoy those). Cory Anotado (@pacdude) The Call of the Simpsons is a product of its time: the first-season-sitcom trope of the family going on a camping trip and a parody of the myriad of Bigfoot specials FOX was airing at the time.

Bart, having cheated his way into being classified a genius, is transferred to a school for the gifted (no, not Professor X's school).

A great episode for Bart's pop culture moments, we get the first "Eat my Shorts," and Scrabble game-winner Kwyjibo.

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