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"You'll pay for this, you...." The woman trailed off as she beheld Futa-Girl. " the villainess asked, fear in her eyes, lust growing in her voice, unable to look away from Futa-Girl's crotch. " Quickly regaining her composure, the woman shook her fist at Futa-Girl.

"I'm the new superhero here in Gammaville," Futa-Girl replied.

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The woman emerged from the smoke, shaking a fist at Futa-Girl.

"This better be fucking worth it," Futa-Girl murmured. Their exterior a shiny silver, the robots resembled well-endowed women. You have got to be kidding me," Futa-Girl laughed, smashing the first robot to get to her to bits. "Whoever you are, now that you have destroyed my Heinous-Bots, you shall now face my wrath!

As Futa-Girl approached the scene of the crime, she could see a cloud of dust and smoke from where a hole had been blown in the wall of the bank. At least the civilians are smart enough to stay away, Futa-Girl thought. Futa-Girl entered the bank through the gaping hole in the wall, the bank filled with smoke, making it hard to see. That didn't stop the other robots from attacking, but Futa-Girl made quick work of them with her super-strength, the heroine finding herself standing amidst a pile of scrap. " Futa-Girl began to make out some kind of person charging at her through the smoke. It was a woman, with big tits, bigger than Futa-Girl's, short, straight blonde hair, and blue eyes. Not only am I this earth's greatest scientific mind, I am its greatest criminal mind as well!

Often, she would get to use her cock to teach these criminals a lesson, which was rapidly becoming her favorite part of being a superhero. " Hillary asked as she entered the secret lair beneath her house, where her friend and erstwhile partner, Sue Christensen, was monitoring a colossal crime computer. "I'll be back with a death ray, and then your death will be guaranteed! Heinous could make her getaway, however, Futa-Girl launched herself at the villain, knocking Dr. "You won't get away that easily, Doctor," Futa-Girl grinned. Futa-Girl's cock throbbed as she had the villain right where she wanted her. Heinous, Futa-Girl moved her hands to the Doctor's breasts, kneading them through the skintight fabric of Dr. Heinous' milk jugs, molesting the supervillain through her clothing.

"No, today's been very slow for crime," Sue replied.

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