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Thank you Priestess Of Nox for helping me with this AU and inspiring me to write it. This story is about how the Trolls and Smurf couples create a family & how it grows. When Branch and Poppy bring strange creatures called Smurfs to the Troll Tree, Creek can't help but notice one of them is avoiding him. There will be hints/mentions to other pairings but not much attention will be paid to them. Fate had other plans, and he'll learn to change the hard way.

:) It's finally spring and Creek goes out for some peaceful yoga and meditation but sees Branch go by and can't get the memories of their childhood sweetheart days out of his head. Other Trolls and Smurfs will be in the story throughout but not enough for it to be worth tagging them all. This is the Single Grey Dad AU inspired by Phoenix Keeper Avalon240 on tumblr.

Gabe has a degree in philosophy and political science as well.

An AU where Trolls and Smurfs are human sized in a magical old timeline, when the world of Trolls and Smurfs meet, and create one of the most beautiful magical bonds in that world. Alternate Universe ending to "Lean On Me" so it will mention a few things that haven't happened in "Lean On Me" yet so please don't read if you don't want to be spoiled by things that will happen as that story progresses. Branch always thought the only thing he needed in life was his bunker, solitude, and himself.

Gabe was inspired by the punk rock bands since his childhood.

He was greatly influenced by the bands such as Gorilla Biscuits, Pavement, and Fugazi.

(Blackinton has gone on to play Hennessey at least two more times—at a table read in New York in 2005, and again for one week of Ground UP Productions' performance of The Optimist in April 2008.) Other college productions Blackinton was involved in include Leopold and Loeb, a stage adaptation of a 1920s murder case.

While in high school, Blackinton played with a few different bands, but he rarely stayed in any of them for very long.

It was also in high school that Blackinton began his involvement with theatre.

This involvement spurred Blackinton to attend Florida State University's School of Theatre once he graduated high school in 1999.

During his time in college, Blackinton participated in several theatrical productions.

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