Game theory of dating

So, yes, in most cities today there are virtually limitless young single people to wade through on apps.

What, then, to make of the fairly new, free, South African Predict Dating App which claims to help solve the superficiality, intention and compatibility problems, along with the numbers game? Why the hard-edged, clinical, even hubristic sounding Predict? And finally, the saucy bit which probably got you reading this in the first place and which, along with the above, may make Predict the best dating app yet for hetero women. More use of the right than the middle, but the middle gets a showing more often than you might think. You may ask why our guy doesn’t rather do one of the following two things.1.

Of course this rule is now widely considered obsolete (as would be natural in any game).

The idea behind Predict’s saucier and more serious buttons is to reward you for being honest about your intentions. You have to swipe — right for like, left for no — in order to see the next person.Older dating sites had offered a matching system like this, but it was auxiliary.It is possible to match when you use one is used makes people less concerned about the social taboo of using the saucier button. The reward in this context is the type of relationship or liaison you’re after. Even if you like each other, you may not match if you express different intentions (i.e.

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