Gay cowboy dating

I give a big WOOT WOOT to the maker of Brokeback Mountain.... Anybody falling in love...or straight is a beautiful thing. I would like to think that most people are turned onto images of what they desire themselves.Are you serious you didn't know what the general gist of Brokeback was????? That was all over the news/trailers/watercooler conversations!!! Why are so many men fascinated with the idea of two women together? Too bad, as nowadays they would have got a place to-gether and lived happily ever after. There is nothing sadder than not being able to be with the one you love, whatever the reasons you sure about that, it seems half the commercials are full of gay men, half the TV shows and I don't see too many masculine looking teeneagers in society anymore with their nose rings, open toed shoes and their sensitive (fe)male egos..the last 10 years i would say that hollywood has tried to make it "trendy" to be a corn puff. real cowboys chase cowgirls I really never watch the news and rarely any TV either. Been like that since I left my ex......there is a Real World out there!! Something made me think it was a love story or a story about 2 friends...woohoo. I am watching it and sufddenly they are having sex in the tent.... I guess it was supposed to be in a time when guys did not do this.Our members share your interests so you've already got something in common.

Geez it was a great story too...touching, romantic, nice music and even a bit of mystery too it. Cowboys are made out to be so rough and tough, I think it would be nice to see another side to them for once. I love my rough and tough boys but it's nice to see a more sensitive side to these wild men. I guess gay is only acceptable when it's funny, or a mockery of what gay people really are.i was suprised at how much i enjoyed the moviei found the love scenes a bit uncomfy but only because it's so out of the norm (not that i think it should be out of the norm)seems society finds it more socially acceptable to watch two women make love than two menoh and i get turned on watching anyone receive pleasure (as long as there's no animals involved)Men are more turned on by Lesbian situations and women are turned on to gay male situations...that's what I see. I'm so glad our country has been liberal enough to accept the idea of same sex love. They really were desperately in love with one another for years and it was beautiful and incredibly sad to watch. - Come here and grab this horn - this horn feels funny, but I like it- trust me cowboy nothing funny about my horn - but I am married - So am I and the guy who taught me this neat trick YUCK YUCK YUCK !! I also commented "isn't it odd how we can easily accept lesbian love, but not male love between men"? Hahhaha VVVVVV Really not turned on the the lesbian stuff...really do not like the gay guy stuff at all!It's not very often you see anything advertising gay men, every where ya turn now a days you see girl on girl action. I doubt women go to see a movie about forbidden lesbian love and think "What a great movie that was." Jet...on now!

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