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This issue, and the continued lack of same sex marriage in Northern Ireland, are finally being recognised by the rest of Britain and Ireland as a serious infringement of rights.While this mainstream discussion is appreciated, we must face the reality.A cross-party proposal which would block a 'no deal' outcome from the negotiations with the EU is expected to be backed from the Lords.Reports suggest it could then be defended in the Commons in a major blow to Theresa May.The title refers to the fact that, in A Christmas Carol, Dickens defined many of the qualities we most closely associate with the festive season, but as we discover, writing it wasn't easy.

Both Britain and the EU have said the border must remain open but have no agreement on how to manage trading rules and movement of people.The party now finds itself in familiar hypocritical territory: threatening to self-implode if it doesn't get the same Brexit treatment as the rest of Britain, while simultaneously relishing its divergence News of the landslide vote to legalise abortions in Ireland this weekend was met with calls for the law to be changed in Northern Ireland too.Sinn Fein’s leaders held up a sign at Dublin Castle reading ‘The North Is Next’, while in London, female ministers put pressure on Theresa May to demonstrate her feminist credentials by backing reform.He was driven not so much by ambition but more a morbid fear of the poverty he had experienced in his childhood.That anxious, inexhaustible quality is nicely captured by Dan Stevens' central performance in this amiable, bluff, broadly drawn film.

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