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They wanted him, even though he failed high school algebra 4 times.Examples of flawed humanity, like a beautiful sunset, are present every day – if only we make ourselves aware to both kinds of beauty.And turning -– don’t “prepare” to change direction; you must be ready when moment is right and you must act without hesitation.To turn well, you shift your behind in the opposite way of your legs to shift balance for a sharp turn.I actually have the skills to articulate things, but as you might notice, I don’t automatically know the right thing to say to start a conversation with every person on earth.Now that I think of it, THAT would be a highly profitable phone app.I saw a TED talk this week about program evolution.

I typically forget about a woman I wrote the prior week and whom showed no interest, but your profile really did spark my curiosity. In fact, the surest way to corrupt your balance is to try and flatten your board against the slope for maximum stability. As soon as you hit the smallest bump, you’ll flail spasticly if you’re flat footed. You are most in control when you have the narrowest edge pressed against the mountain and you are dancing on your tippy toes.My next one will be a spy novel, inspired by that college roommate who spawned the twinkie experiment.He was offered the chance to be a super spy because he outwitted the FBI at age 17.It did get a little bit dryer, but not smelly, fly-attracting, or gag-awful. I on the other hand am a cornucopia of flawed humanity.I write one partially inspired manuscript after another in a vain (hopeless, not vanity) attempt to capture teen angst, or the deceptive nature of evil faking good-gasm.

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