Google apps email updating

The other benefit is your account is created in the Calendar app as well.

But, like a lot of users, you probably have multiple email accounts that you want to add. For this article, I am going to add a Gmail account.

If you ever need to go back to the home page, just tap the down arrow from the top right corner and tap the home icon that appears at the bottom. The settings panel lets you turn on/off opening all links in the default browser and turn on/off personalized search.

You can also disable Voice search from here, but why would you?

Tap the dialer icon on the top right corner to open the Applications section.

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Now the calendar appointments and reminders associated with your email account will be synced and populated.

Launch the Mail app and click the gear icon in the lower left corner, and go to . That brings up the Google login screen – so enter your account and password.

That brings up a list of the most popular email services. If you have Google Two-Factor Authentication enabled – and everyone should be using it – wait for your confirmation code and verify your account. If this is the first time you’re using it, you are greeted with a Welcome screen.

Windows 10 includes new versions of Mail and Calendar apps.

They have improved remarkably compared to Mail & Calendar in Windows 8.1.

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