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It is unclear whether it was Villard himself or a later party who assembled and bound the leaves into a book. These include architectural designs (plans, elevations, and details, often of identifiable buildings), a great variety of human and animal subjects, ensembles of religious and secular figures perhaps derived from or intended as sculptural groups, ecclesiastical objects, mechanical devices (including a perpetual-motion machine), engineering constructions such as lifting devices and a water-driven saw, a number of automata, designs for war engines such as a trebuchet, and many other subjects.Many drawings are accompanied by annotations and labels.Read the full review below, and you will soon see why this is the top ranked femdom dating website available today!

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Villard tells us, with pride, that he had been in many lands (Jai este en m[u]lt de tieres) and that he made a trip to Hungary where he remained many days (maint ior), but he does not say why he went there or who sent him.

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The original purpose of the album is the subject of controversy.

Originally it was thought to have served as a kind of training manual for practicing architects.

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