Healthy dating tips

We should all be talking about our concerns, our fears and our questions about dating!If your kid is worried that their dating partner is cheating, lying, doesn’t like them anymore, or anything else – encourage your kid to speak directly with him or her.Encourage your teen to talk to the people they trust when they have questions.

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Just like you would not settle with a not so great friend, do not settle with a not so great dating partner.Based on your experience, what other tips can you share for having a healthy dating relationship?When we began our academic career, way back when, our educators made sure they covered all the important topics: math, science, social studies, and language skills. If someone was mean on the playground, they did not have to be friends with them. And you are able to help your kids better understand what a healthy relationship is and how to navigate dating relationships.1) A quick, easy chat about the basics: If you are a parent, and you have a teen, I suggest you ask your kid: “Hey, what do you think makes a good dating partner? Since, I already know your kid is a smarty, I bet s/he responds with something like, “good communication, respect and doesn’t cheat! But, then, follow-up with the harder question: “Okay, now, what does that mean? Giving them real life examples of what a healthy relationship looks like helps them to know what to look for in their own dating relationships.2) A reminder: you choose your dating partner! But, in day-to-day real life, it can be way harder to tell the difference between the good and the bad. “Dad showed me that he was listening and cared about my concerns when he made sure to ask me how my big meeting at work went.” Or, “I had a feeling that my high school girlfriend didn’t trust me, because she was always investigating my every move, but she never talked to me about any of her concerns”.

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