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But I have enjoyed some good romantic situations over the years … Read Full Story Heather Graham isn't too concerned when she doesn't have a lot on her plate career-wise, she'd rather sleep anyway! Find pics, videos and articles on Heather Graham here.

Is Hollywood a more difficult place to meet men and have a real life? The actress said she cherishes the down time in between projects and enjoys the days she can just relax and do what she wants. In America, everyone is driven to succeed and wake up and do something.

Every day seems to bring something new around here.

The latest new thing is totally fun and inspiring, and allows me to use the word “totally” in my lead paragraph. Here’s the gig: I get to go to lunch with a group of smart and talented women in the entertainment industry and you get to watch us do it. Also Read: ' Half Magic' Director Heather Graham Explains the Power of Making a Wish (Exclusive Video) Heather Graham has directed her first feature, “Half Magic,” a comedy about dating and love, from the perspective of the women.

Seriously, the conversation is right on the edge of what’s happening, because entertainment is what makes the change, right? (Roller Girl is all grown up, and Heather took it in stride when I made that terrible joke.) “I wanted to write a movie that was empowering to women and I wanted to empower women,” said Graham during the lunch.

“And I wanted to find humor in all these thigs that had upset me – bad relationships, sexism in Hollywood.” Also Read: Heather Graham Says Israel Horovitz Forced a Kiss After She Dated His Son, Beastie Boys' Ad-Rock She, like the rest of us, feel like the moment is right to see women rise to a position of equity in the industry.

I don’t think women had a real space to talk about this stuff before.

We luckily had Anita Hill doing good work, but she was attacked and discredited.

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I also think that men looking at women they find sexy... On one hand, we’re being told you’re being judged by your looks and whether men find you sexy or not.I went through a breakup and it was deeply upsetting, so I started writing down things that happened to me, hoping to eventually find a way to laugh about them. I wanted to work with that in the script, but I had spent eight years prior working on women’s stories I wanted to produce and act in, and I kept hearing the same "no." A project about the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire, other stories about women.People kept telling me, "Nobody cares about women’s stories at the box office." I was told I needed a male star to get a movie produced.She is best known as co-host, reporter, and part- time anchor. Moving on to her early life biography, she has attended Sharon Elementary School.In the year 1987, she graduated from Myers Park High School.

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