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Founded in 1978, the Downtown Women’s Center opened its doors and hearts to homeless women in Skid Row.

A passionate staff of social workers provides housing, job training, health care, and other resources to support people who’ve fallen on hard times.

To this day, the DWC is the only organization in Los Angeles that caters services to single women living in extreme poverty.

Such women are often victims of domestic or sexual abuse and in need of compassion and respect.

“Whether they’ve held a job before becoming homeless or never worked but now are interested in employment opportunities, we provide varied levels of job training.” The Downtown Women’s Center houses women in 119 on-site apartments.

These affordable rooms come without any set time limits.

Many of the women who end up at the Downtown Women’s Center have suffered some sort of trauma that led them to the streets.Women suffering from unemployment, partner violence, mental illness, and other personal crises often find a friend in this caring center.“My advice for women in Skid Row is they have to start from somewhere,” said Alisa S.At the Downtown Women’s Center, women can access the treatment they need in a safe environment.” The Downtown Women’s Center is geared toward supporting homeless women in Los Angeles.From hot meals to hot showers, the center’s compassionate services help women who find themselves in desperate straits.

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