Hon error updating k2 dll

Then I will show you how to create a Smart Object that uses the custom service you have authored. If you service is going to make a database connection or needs a URL to make a connection to another web service, you will add a configuration here.

hon error updating k2 dll-33

Fill in all of the required information and find the class library dll that was placed in \Program Files\K2 blackpearl\Service Broker.

For instance there is a Rollback method that should be used when the Smart Object method transaction has been configured to rollback changes if the transaction should fail.5.3) Build and Deploy It Build the library.

Then get the dll and place it in \Program Files\K2 blackpearl\Service Broker.5.4) Register the Smart Object Service There is an executable in \Program Files\K2 blackpearl\Service Broker called Broker

There is a finite set of methods you can create: Create, Delete, Execute, List, Read and Update.

Take special note in how I add the properties to the Validation, Input and Output collections.

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