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There is a lot of money to be made in this city so you get them from all over Southeast Asia coming in to work. The internet is changing things in many parts of the world and the best ways to find ladyboy prostitutes in most places is online. Sure, you can hop on Google and search ‘ladyboy prostitutes in Hong Kong’ ‘shemales escorts in Hong Kong’ ‘transsexual/transvestite hookers in Hong Kong’ or use ts-girl instead and stuff will pop up.

But it is always better to meet a hooker in person instead of on the internet.

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So instead of doing that you should head to the areas we are about to mention where you can meet trans prostitutes in person.Hopefully this post on where to have sex with ladyboys in Hong Kong will have you heading to the right spots.We Chat, owned by Tencent Holding, is the dominant mobile messaging app in China and the country’s answer to Whats App and Snapchat.Everyone always mentions the same hot spots for trans in Asia but this one never gets its due respect.There are quite a few places to find ladyboy prostitutes in Hong Kong and the main area would be in Wan Chai.

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