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I’ve known the most conservative, Bible believing, sincere, godly people get pregnant before marriage because the temptation to be physically intimate overpowered them.

There have been a plethora of books, seminars, and conferences devoted to teaching physical purity (saving sex for marriage) and emotional purity (guarding your heart).

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In order to provide a complete foundation for applying appropriate physical boundaries, we must first answer the following questions to establish a healthy paradigm about purity.

Knowing the “what” or the “how to” of anything can be pretty worthless without the frequent reminder of the all important WHY.

They grew up with good strict mothers who said, “Johnny, go wash your hands before coming to the table.” If they had touched something unclean at the market and then ate without washing, they would transfer that uncleanness to themselves.

Here are the questions I hope to answer in this page: Recently the concept of purity has received a lot of attention.

Purity rings, pledges, and even dances and balls have been designed to exalt the virtue in the minds of youth.

Which physical boundary is the one we should avoid?

Success in this area especially must have the right motivation to bring the essential conviction for following through.

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