How do i know if my drivers need updating

Therefore you would want to download and install the driver created by the hardware manufacturer so that Windows understands how to use these special features.

Also as time goes by, hardware manufacturers release new versions of their drivers to fix bugs, increase performance, increase stability on your computer, or add new features.

Devices that you connect to your computer are often very specialized which makes it so Windows can not communicate directly with the device without a program telling it how to.

This program, or device driver, acts as a translator between the installed device and the programs that utilize the device.

For example I am looking at my modem and on the top it says "Binatone". To find the “model” of your device look at the back/bottom of your device for a code (my modem's is ADSL 2000).

If this does not work, try looking in the paperwork that came with your device and see if you can find it there.

Using the example above, I found my device manufacturer for my video card was ATI radeon.Each time the manufacturer releases a new update to this driver, they increase the version number.In this way you can determine if you have the latest version of the driver by comparing the version number of your currently installed driver to the version number of the driver currently .So if there version number is higher than yours, you know that there is a newer version available for download.To determine the current version of your driver you would do the following: While in the device manager, as described above, you need to click on the ( ) arrow next to the category of device you want to update ( So, now that you know the name, model, and version number of your device it is time to determine if there is a newer driver available for you to use.

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