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Does anyone know are there any history of non electric (the Sybian horse is a electrical device) kinds of pussy torture dildo devices used by inquisitors for torture in conjunction with Spanish horse, or are they just a ladies sex toy? Amy said; "I could be persuaded to do another scene like that".

I am a fiery gimp kind of gimper but please Amy do another Spanish horse torture scene in the next with any kind of wood and slippery shape you desire.

I had often looked for more fiction by Dean Anderson, but never found any. To meditate at one's leisure on scenarios of humiliation and torture.

To imagine the apparatus and what form it should take.

So I usually donate my space at if people can't find anywhere else. It would be a shame to rape a hot ticket like that and not have the decency to tie her up first.

---------------- A Canadian wrote: There are a couple of other films I want to see in November. ---------------- DHT wrote: This is too long for me to watch (48 min) so I can't describe what it's about, but there is a chair tie, tape gag, and some nice groping in the 2nd half of a nice blonde.

They urging her to confess and Amy just shaking her head between gasps of pain and then waiting for them to increase the inducement to talk. ---------------- Bill K wrote: Ralphus, if I want to post pictures here, how do I do it? The only problem most people have is finding a free site that will host adult material.

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Most web based fan fiction makes the mistake of being from the tormentor's viewpoint.

I would keep the Spanish horse and rack but what else and what would you add? ), but I happened to peruse the board recently and was delighted to find that the novel 'Torture Tomb' was being prominently mentioned on the board.

This was the best piece of GIMP fiction I have ever read.

How about it Gimpers, what Maleficarum dungeon Amy and Mila torture would you like to see repeated or some other inquisition torture method or device that was not done in Maleficarum. Even though there wasn't a whole lot to write home about in the end, as someone who enjoys situational GIMP, it was easily worth at least a little more than I paid for it.

You can't just have another Maleficarum type bats movie and have same prebats confess torture methods, can you? Hello GIMPers: I seldom even lurk here any longer, let alone post (Ralphus gives me crap about that believe me!

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