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A view with a unique clustered index is called an indexed view.

Creating a unique clustered index on a view physically materializes the view.

Also, a view definition cannot include ntext, text, or image columns, even if they are not referenced in the CREATE INDEX statement.

clause effectively moves a table from the filegroup on which the table was created to the new partition scheme or filegroup.

[ ASC | DESC ] Determines the ascending or descending sort direction for the particular index column. INCLUDE ( ] ) Specifies the non-key columns to be added to the leaf level of the nonclustered index.

The nonclustered index can be unique or non-unique.

All the columns in a composite index key must be in the same table or view.

The maximum allowable size of the combined index values is 900 bytes for a clustered index, or 1,700 for a nonclustered index.

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