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In they take on the issue of body shaming to such an auspicious level it's almost disturbing, but you would never expect less from Pure Taboo.

Written by Angela and directed by Bree, Angela is married to Tommy Pistol who is constantly nagging her about her figure.

Overview: Angela White teams up with Pure Taboo to tell a tale that is as fresh and pertinent today as similar tales that have been handed down since time began.

It won't be everyone's cup of tea but it will go down in history as a groundbreaking piece of adult cinema.

Beauty isn't what people see on the outside, but all in the way that you carry yourself on the inside.

Once in a while, a director decides to break all those rules to confuse and confound the audience, taking down their guard in order to present something in a way that will make people think about and discuss a film. There’s no need for that parlor trick here, as Angela White penned a tale that revolves around a timely, yet heavy subject matter..shaming, or worse.

She took that idea to the team at Pure Taboo and together they crafted an “adult film” using traditional cinematic techniques like multi-camera setups, long shots with inanimate objects fuzzily displayed in the foreground with focus maintained on the performers, and the use of light and shadow to convey positive or negative energies and emotions.

Angela sits in disbelief and rage as she listens to them, Tommy forcing Karla to eat cupcakes while he fucks her.

She runs out of the house, her confused mind questioning why he wants Karla when he's constantly fat-shaming her.

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