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Most of the recruits were former British World War One veterans, but were specifically seen as separate to the military as the British government did not want to give credibility to the cause of an 'independence war'.

The Black and Tans were infamous for their ruthlessness and often clashed with civilians, as well as armed republican forces - including the IRA. Dominic Behan wrote the song for his father Stephen.

The Black and Tans were a British paramilitary police auxiliary force, formed in 1919 and made up of temporary constables, during the Irish War of Independence.

They were given the nickname due to their mix of khaki British Army and rifle green RIC uniforms.

Last month, she told an audience at Roanoke College, Virginia, that she had been cast as a 'she-devil'.'I believed that didn't matter because only truth mattered.'The nonsense spattered about me didn't matter. I still believed there was a light at the end of the tunnel because the truth mattered,' The Roanoke Times quoted her as saying.

The song ties Irish nationalism to the struggles of other peoples against the British Empire across the world, mentioning wars in the Middle East and the Zulus.

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Amanda Knox, who was convicted of the murder of Meredith Kercher but later acquitted, told a TV show that she was sent a CD of Irish rebel songs from a supporter, before she sang a few bars of one.

During the Ray Darcy Show in Ireland, Knox, dubbed 'Foxy Knoxy', said she was given encouragement from Irish people when she was behind bars.

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