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This is the oldest church in Naples and the original site of the cathedral, which was built over an ancient Greek sanctuary.It was rebuilt in the 14th century and again in 1688 after an earthquake, but some ancient features remain.In 1407, the west facade was rebuilt by Antonio Baboccio after it was destroyed by an earthquake.The rest of the building had to be rebuilt after another earthquake in 1456.It seems that only one of the vials is the focus of the ceremony.On the appointed days, the bishop brings the ampoule close to the reliquary bust of St.1254), a Cosmatesque work of 1315, and the tomb of Andrew of Hungary, who married Joan I and was murdered by strangling, possibly on her orders, in 1345.

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Very little is known about the saint's life or the specifics of his death; most accounts date from several centuries later.The west facade was renovated in a Neo-Gothic style in 1877-1905 by Enrico Alvino; only the portal survives from the medieval facade.The large nave of the cathedral has 16 piers that incorporate more than 100 classical granite columns from the East and Africa.On the right side of the apse in Santa Restituta is the ancient baptistery, known as the Chapel of San Giovanni in Fonte.Dating from the 5th century, it has a square plan and a square dome.

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