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Said the circle-jerking rapper who wore shades that only a woman would wear. Well, admittedly he might have been right, but the past is the past. This was why he preferred BRUSHES to something that had more sharp teeth than a crocodile.

He remembered a comment Dave once made about it being girly. "He set the comb down, using his free hand to rub the sore spot.

Karkat heard the door squeak open, followed by the sequential and orderly steps of his older brother. If there was someone who actually fucking deserved the hatred in his blood and body, it was his 'perfect' older brother. Or was he aware, and this was what Rose called a sort of 'ironic persona'? "The sea of anger and triggering words was already boiling.

Mister 'It was made for me by a friend so I'll wear it as a sign of irony' red Mr. Did he even know how much of a tool he was being all the time? ""Do you know how pathetic and irrevocably idiotic you sound when you say those triggering words?!

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Today was his first day at Skaia Junior High School.

He could hear Kankri's own growls of displeasure, or what he'd called, "vocalization of dislike of a given situation". Well, this escalated quickly compared to other mornings. "And so ensued another morning tug of war between the brothers Vantas. Rage first thing in the morning was something he had grown accustomed to living in this household. " The venom in his voice, the sheer pitch - yep, he was angry. "And I will have you know that color is known not only for being triggering to humans and trolls alike, but also is a sociopolitical margin of wealthy trolls in America! He shook his head swiftly and muttered something under his breath.

And there was no fucking way he was bowing down to his brother this early in the morning. " He felt his brother's hands on the comforter, firmly grasping and threatening to tug at any instant. "Then let me say it louder - ASSHOLE." The rage Karkat was bathing in was now up to his neck. ""That is a matter that is entirely different from the one we are now discussing!

He was the ONLY saving grace of the team back then. Gamzee had constant issues with the controls, Dave went off on his own fucking pace, and he and Sollux butted horns so much they look like fucking goats in the Himalayas competing for a matespritship. Not that his character had to pull another heroic one-hit-KO to do so. He sighed and began to reassess his comforter and bed situation. He mumbled something under his breath before he started to re-tuck the sheets Fuck Kankri.

Next time Sollux decides to send someone on a suicide mission, he'll volunteer Dave. And it always had to be retaliated with him saying something along the lines of them not helping to protect the base, that their stuff was gonna get jacked, that they could lend a fucking hand, and blah blah blah. And he was the only one who would ever willingly volunteer to guard it. Yep, the tug of war had screwed up the order of his bed sheets again.

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