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"When I arrived, reception told me to go to his room.

He opened the door in his bathrobe." LŽea Seydoux wrote an op-ed for 'The Guardian' describing an interaction she had with Weinstein, which involved him inviting her to his hotel room for a drink and later lunging at her and attempting to kiss her.

“The next thing I know, he’s pressing against me and pulling off my sweater.” Katherine Kendall, 48, told 'The New York Times' that Weinstein convinced her to stop by his apartment in 1993.

He came out of his bathroom in a robe, asking for a massage.

Kate Beckinsale, 44, accused Weinstein on Instagram of offering her alcohol during their first meeting when she was just 17.

"I assumed it would be in a conference room, which was very common," she wrote.

"I had auditioned, and then he said: ‘I’ve written this special scene for you. I want to see the chemistry with the two of you.’"The whole scene was just my character on her hands and knees saying, ‘Do me, baby.’ Really dirty, horrible," Gilbert said.“Then, all these young girls came running over to meet me because they were watching .And they left, and he was sort of dumbfounded, and I said, ‘You see, (expletive), that’s television. I’ve got something special for you.’" After her appearance, Gilbert tweeted her gratitude to Cohen Monday. Especially you @Andy for helping me lift this weight off of my shoulders," she wrote.Cara Delevingne, 25, shared on Instagram and in a statement to 'New York Magazine' and Huff Post that the producer attempted to kiss her in a hotel room."He began to brag about all the actresses he had slept with and how he had made their careers and spoke about other inappropriate things of a sexual nature," she wrote.

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