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‘Now, with Summer Holiday I was to take sole responsibility and, if it flopped, there was no one to blame but me.It wouldn’t have done my career any good, it might have harmed everyone else in the film, especially my close friends The Shadows, and I wasn’t sure I wanted the responsibility.‘We’d always stop somewhere for breakfast around 5am — cornflakes with lots of creamy milk and sugar.I must have put on about 10lb.’ But as he prepared to make Summer Holiday, a remark on TV’s Coronation Street by the character Minnie Caldwell, jolted him into reality.’He added: ‘Cliff was surrounded by very good friends, like Melvyn Hayes and Teddy Green, who had been in The Young Ones with him, so he could play off them.He really wasn’t acting so much as behaving, and letting his own personality come out.’However, the actress who received the most attention was Una Stubbs, who played one of a trio of girl singers whose car has broken down in France and hop on the bus for a lift to their next singing job in Athens.To straighten his smile, he had a front tooth capped He ended up in six-pack shape for Summer Holiday.

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I swanned around Greece for six weeks on a red London double-decker bus with a group of good mates and we were all paid for the privilege!

Certainly too early to say he is the new love of her life.

Now though, as it celebrates its 50th anniversary, he’s glad he took the plunge.

‘Before that, I’d had much smaller parts in Express Bongo [with Laurence Harvey and Sylvia Sims] and Serious Change [Anthony Quayle, Wilfrid Brambell], and I felt comfortable with my billing, which said “Introducing Cliff Richard”.

But he could never have dreamed that the film would become such a phenomenon — it was the second most successful film at the British box office in 1963, after The Guns Of Navarone and a movie industry survey showed him to be more popular than Elvis Presley, Sean Connery and Peter Sellers.

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