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Only someone who is really afraid of succeeding would do things like giving Amy the extra push she needed to go out the door because he's afraid it's going to end anyway, and this way he doesn't have to wait through the sorrow the closer he gets to her leaving.

Yeah, and of course, this is the apex of it in somebody's life, in anybody's life, literally and spiritually.

Byron [Balasco] is one of the most dynamic and courageous storytellers that I've had the chance to work with. It's like when you take all the notes, and then you lose the notes, and then you go and write something, and then you come back, and all the notes you'd written are all in the article. Oftentimes, we're surprised at how much work we've done does find you because it's usually when you're in that place of intuition and gut rather than ego and fear.

I think your point about the Kulina family not having happiness or not always getting what they want; I think maybe that's come out in a larger format while concluding our show on that note. Do you think if Jay and Ryan had stayed on the outs Jay would have had a better chance of surviving in the new life he created for himself? You have to hear those voices getting louder and be unable to acquiesce.

A lot of people were kind of freaked out over the end of Kingdom Season 3 Episode 1 when the three of them were laying in bed together, and Jay just held the baby and made the decision to baptize her.

This idea of cleansing is so important to Jay, I think, and if there's anything that's pure on this earth for him, it's this baby and this little world he's created with his girlfriend. They're like when you and I were on the playground as kids and got the wind knocked out of you which doesn't seem to happen much anymore for people.

So much about Jay's journey on our show has been about redemption and cleansing.

It's been about redemption through, oftentimes, self-flagellation.

This little pure bubble, so if he can bring a sense of purity and cleansing and redemption, it's a very stark contrast to the process that Jay himself has had to go through until this point. It really does kind of virally take your breath away, so I think you're dealing more with the emotional impact than the anger that the show is ending or how does this whole thing conclude. I don't know; maybe it would have been nice to have had another season where we could have done a big, positive, different sort of theme.

I can't imagine where the series is going to end at this point. Such as how do you deal with success versus where we've been for four episodes. Maybe it's the voracious conclusion to a show that has cared about nothing more than authenticity.

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