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programming forums Java Mobile Certification Databases Caching Books Engineering Micro Controllers OS Languages Paradigms IDEs Build Tools Frameworks Application Servers Open Source This Site Careers Other all forums Hi, I have a swing application that gets football scores from a website using Jsoup.

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you need to do your long task in a thread of its own, separate from the EDT here's a simple demo of your problem (blocking the EDT) import *; import event.*; import javax.swing.*; class Testing extends ...(); Box main = new Box(Box Layout. Y_AXIS); public JScroll Pane setup(){ JPanel top = new JPanel(); main2.add(main); Box button Box = new Box(Box Layout. Is there a way how to use repaint() or revalidate in my situation? when you make your move, everything works just fine. Why is it that when I don't implement Runnable and don't have an additional Thread and don't have Run() and put my paint Image() method anywhere else, no image is painted? draw Image() is called from within the method and no errors occur, but nothing else happens. You're adding your Mouse Listener from within the paint Component method.

This is not the code I use, I do not post it cause it too long: JPanel center Panel = new JPanel(); JScroll Pane relations Scroll Pane = new JScroll Pane(); public JScroll Pane get Relations SP(){ relations Scroll Autoscrolls(true); relations Scroll Pane Viewport View(get Center Panel()); return relations Scroll Pane ; public JPanel get Center Panel() { return center Panel; public void add Del Component Relazioni (){ center Panel.remove All(); center Panel.add(add()); center Panel.validate(); center Panel.repaint(); relations Scroll Pane.invalidate(); relations Scroll Pane.validate(); relations Scroll Pane.repaint(); relations Scroll Pane Viewport View(center Panel); public Box add() { Box box Relations = Box.create Vertical Box(); JPanel pannello1 = new JPanel(); JPanel pannello2 = new JPanel(new Flow Layout(Flow Layout.

CENTER)); pannello1Layout(new Flow Layout(Flow Layout. LEFT)); JLabel label Relazioni = new JLabel("Relations: "); pannello1.add(label Relazioni); box Relations.add(pannello2); return box Relations; I dunno why what I add is not shown although if I use the method center Component Count() and do not use remove All(), the number of component increases but they are not shown.

I wan the scroll bar to stay where the user left it.

Here is my code (The update is currently set to update every 1 second so you can see what the scroll bar is like). Elements; public class frame extends JFrame { JPanel panel; JText Area area; JScroll Pane scroll; JButton get Scores; Swing Worker Here's a link to another Ranch thread with a similar (but opposite) problem.

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