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Of course, as usual, it's up to everyone else to change to accomodate someone that perceives themselves as a minority; if we don't change for them, it proves we're racist.Speaking of starting a religion (as was mentioned in an earlier post here), maybe we should start one that makes wearing shoes and/or shirts a sin (at least in summer) and then we can complain about the various businesses that say "No shoes, no shirt, no service". For the "Canadian v the rest" crowd, give it a break!I believe in accommodation and respect for the rights of others, but in this case their is no accommodation that can be made so the safety of the participants must take precedence. The rule isn't a recent one, it wasn't created for the purpose of excluding any protected group, and many hijab-wearing Muslim women who compete remove the hijab at the commencement of the fight and replace it at the end of the fight.

This one isn't hard to figure out: She's not being thrown out of a tournament because she's a muslim. They completely mismatched this one fight, which had conditional rules. It could choke the person wearing it, or the opponent's hand or something can get tangled in the scarf and get broken or hurt.

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If you can not accept anothers culture then how can you respect yours..can't can ya?????

and in accepting it means you put yours down and vest intrest in learning about others...that's how it works in my brain anyway..thinks..

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