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Course Requirements: You must do close textual analyses every other week uploaded to FILES for the cyberspace sessions, creative writing alter ego monologues through the same books for the meatspace sessions, and two oral presentations for the meatspace sessions, including primary and secondary sources which will grow into an 8-10 page final paper.

Course Objectives: This is a global literature course, introducing students to close textual analysis, primary and secondary source research, and creative role-playing to better understand the aesthetic, cultural, political, philosophical, structural, and psychological components of the work. The creative webfolios and oral presentations make up 50% of the grade; participation, attendance, and WEEKLY assignments make up the other 50. Grading: You will be given Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory for the weekly assignments, but letter grades for the close textual analyses, oral presentations and creative webfolios. June 25: First draft of Comparison/Contrast close textual analysis due. The alter ego monologues will grow into an 8-16 page webfolio.Creative writing majors can prepare a portfolio deconstructing the literature, business, political and social science majors can design a project that explores the marriage between literature and their field of interest. Required Reading: Books are organized into seven clusters for the meatspace classes.This course can also include classics like Aristotle's Poetics to analyze definitions of terror, the Apocalypse or Revelation section from the Bible, and Shakespearean plays such as Richard III. Einstein's Dreams by Alan Lightman is daily meditation. Clusters will be reworked with the addition of contemporary literature.

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