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Or getting to see the criminally underused Rosamund Pike having to keep a straight face through such lines as “Does it ever bother you, you could've spent your life looking in a microscope instead of a sniper scope?

” Or the love-hate moment when the film goes fully bonkers and gives us the first-person perspective shoot-out?

The cast were uniformly excellent, but while the likes of Sean Bean, Hugo Weaving and Liv Tyler were already established names, it gave career boosts to many of its cast, with Viggo Mortensen and Karl Urban among the most successful.

While Urban had a few films and several TV credits to his name when continued Peter Jackson’s box office dominance, it’s safe to say that as Eomer, Urban found worldwide recognition and an instantly devoted fan base, allowing his trademark scowl and fierce intensity to reach global levels of exposure – I think it’s safe to say that without Eomer, there wouldn’t be most of the film roles below, which provides yet another reason to buy Mr Jackson a pint.

Certainly there are touches of sci-fi soap opera throughout, but the film still holds up as an original and exciting movie, with the production design in particular deserving praise.

Admittedly Urban, alongside most of the impressive supporting cast, play second fiddle to geek icon Riddick (and Thandie Newton’s heaving bosom) but that was always going to be the case and calibre of actors merely help to sell the higher concept elements in the film – literally in Dame Judi Dench’s case.

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I have no qualms about preaching the high virtues of a film that has been described by fellow critics as “charmless/brainless” “idiotic/dull” and “bland/lifeless”, but it’s fairly safe to assume that those people hate fun, as Doom has proven its value as an entertaining spectacle time and time again, at least under my roof.Doom might not have made much at the box office, but it’s been instrumental in setting Urban on the path of action hero that has led to our beloved Dredd and now the rather fine Almost Human.“Twig” Alas, poor Marcus Nispel hasn’t had much love for his directorial output to date.“You keep what you kill.” Sporting his most outlandish hairstyle to date, Urban’s character Vaako knows how to wear a space age, red neck, super-mullet.He also knows a thing or two about being a futuristic fascist, as The Chronicles Of Riddick sees him play a high-ranking Necromonger, a race that take great joy in destroying worlds - until a muscular spanner is thrown in the works.

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