Keeping your options open dating

If I commit to an engagement or full blown relationship then there is no need of online dating and the sites go bye-bye.I know that when I am out with someone in a dating capacity I am not looking or engaged in flirtation with anyone else.

Even know you explained your position to them clearly..Which sometimes come across my path with the work I did and now volunteer for. and they say they're okay with that they understand... This is actually taking advantage of the other person.Growing up as a preachers brat and later an officer's wife I have had more than enough monitoring to last a life time. However that being said, dating is just that dating. The other person may accept your terms just because it is the only way to remain next to you and still may have some expectations that you will change yourself towards her/him in time.My attention is on her and us and what we are experiencing. No matter who you ultimately "choose" to be the one, there will always be someone "better." That's why commitment matters.Even if I have doubts about us I wait until I am sure before moving on. That's why relationships need some kind of purpose (family/support system) to survive past the first few stages of chemical bonding related to mating. )(someone you thought had their **** together).'hmmmm' factor..

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