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Taxis in Phuket are extremely expensive for some reason.

No matter how short you’ll go they will never drive you for less than 400 baht.

If you want to explore the islands outside Pattaya (Koh Lan and Koh Phai). That trip will cost you 100 – 150 baht if you follow this guide.

If we round this up you should not need to spend more than 200 baht per day on average.

If you eat the local Thai food at the basic Thai restaurants around town you will be spending 40-100 baht per meal.

This will usually be rice with pork / chicken combined with vegetables and eggs.

This will be a guide for anyone planning to go Thailand for the first time to have a sex holiday.

Accommodation, food, transport, alcohol / lady drinks and entertainment (girls). You will stay up late most of the nights, and sleep past the hotel breakfast. 😛 Lets put accommodation in the middle and say that you will be spending 1500 baht per day on accommodation.1200 baht per day on average should be more than enough for food.That should also include water and different snacks from 7/11.If you want to eat quality Western food you will have to spend from 200 to 500 baht for a dish.If you want quality steaks that will set you back around 1000 baht. Some days you will eat cheap local food while other days you will enjoy a quality steak or a tasty burger.

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