Kingdom days dating sims cheats

battleofmidway= Automaticity taken to the middle of the 30 days, which unlocks Jack (guy in cocoon) When Iris comes click Short Skit ( 1). When Oliver comes its 1 if you click Card Trick and 2 if you click Short Skit. Also, just saying, they do work most on other games don't.After you accepted Lance's kind words, he then played his violin practice for you.One year later, king Lance married queen Alice and lived happily ever after.

It was based on the classical story of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland , a famous story by Lewis Carroll. Wonderland Days Sim Date tells the story of Alice (renamable player's character).But she has to wait 30 more days until the Portal opens, only then she could go home.She met Oliver the white rabbit, Clark the hatter, Lance the cat prince, and Elliot the king.Another unlockable character is Jack the one-eyed butterfly.Until the ball at the end of the month, you have 30 days to talk to the boys and end their conversation (which would unlock the endings as you choose your dance partner).

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