Lack of communication in dating

Talking it out can solve the major issues in relationships Are you unsatisfied with your sex life? Are you unhappy with something your partner keeps doing? Almost every issue you have can be discussed and talked through.The only issues that really can’t be solved with discussion are your core morals and values.But there’s still a major lack of communication in relationships.In fact, it’s one of the primary reasons couples break up.While it’s good to be flexible and open-minded, repressing your true feelings for fear of your partner’s response often results in a big blow up out of proportion to the final trigger which causes it. Even if it makes you feel vulnerable it’s important to be as honest as possible with your partner about your feelings.Don’t expect them to be able to read your mind, most people can’t – if you say you’re happy about something then they’ll assume that you’re telling the truth.

They have a hard time with confrontation and this can lead to problems in their relationships.

Good communication is key to happy, lasting relationships but it doesn’t always come easily. Emotional dishonesty Say what you mean and mean what you say.

Many couples experience difficulties in their relationship due to a lack of effective communication rather than a lack of love or compatibility. We all know the golden rule but many misunderstandings are caused by people not saying things as much as saying them.

It’s not because they can’t work together, but because one or both people don’t know how to talk to their partner in a way that’ll make them understand.

And when you can’t talk about your problems, you can’t fix them.

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