Lady gaga who is she dating

And then there was that passionate kiss on the lips that Carino gave Lady Gaga before getting into the car.It sure sent shivers down the “Bad Romance” singer’s spine.

On top of being a gentleman and caring boyfriend, Christian Carino also has a sense of fashion.

But the two called off their marriage plans in July of 2016.

But the list of Lady Gaga’s bad romances doesn’t end with Kinney, as the singer dated her then-manager Rob Fusari in the mid-2000s, even though he was engaged and living with his fiancée.

The talent agent wore dark denim jeans and a black button-down shirt and looked super classy.

If that’s not enough to label Christian Carino as perfect boyfriend material, Lady Gaga’s beau carried a few gifts, which he probably got for the “Poker Face” singer, back to their car.

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