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The series was designed, developed, and sold by IBM until Lenovo acquired the division and brand in 2005.

Think Pads are known for their minimalist, black, and boxy design which was initially modeled in 1990 by industrial designer Richard Sapper, based on the concept of a traditional Japanese Bento lunchbox revealing its nature only after being opened.

Featuring a special protective finish to guard against wear and tear, the Idea Pad 320 will easily withstand whatever life throws your way.

Powerful latest generation Intel processing, plus plenty of memory, guarantee lightning-fast responsiveness.

Think Pads have received a somewhat cult following and a small but loyal fanbase throughout the years.

Think Pad laptops have been used in space and, by 2003, were the only laptops certified for use on the International Space Station.

According to later interviews with Sapper, he also characterized the simple Think Pad form to be as elementary as a simple, black cigar box, and with similar proportions that offers a 'surprise' when opened.

The line was first developed at the IBM Yamato Facility in Japan, led by Arimasa Naitoh, who is now dubbed the "father" of Think Pad.

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On older Lenovo laptops, accessing BIOS is easily that you just need to Press certain key like F1 during startup when the computer logo is displayed.This is a case that you can't boot into your PC such as you forgot Windows login password.In this case you can't enter BIOS in method above, thus you can try to get the "Press F2 to Enter the BIOS" prompt on the bottom left on the screen in following ways: After this, you can the "Press F1 to Enter the BIOS" prompt will appear on the bottom left on the screen, you can either press F1 to enter Setup Utility or press F12 to enter the Boot Menu.And with anti-glare technology, you'll enjoy true visual clarity when you watch movies, browse the web and more.The first time I purchased 2 of these laptops, was back in July 2017.

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