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A little while ago, I asked Derek Cajun, Love Systems CEO and top instructor, to put Love Systems to the test online.

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Every place I go at least once a week, I am pretty sure I know most of the staff members. In fact, a couple weeks prior I had a similar situation. When I walked in, we greeted each other and there happened to be a MILF in there.

Since Casey has moved into Derek 's house, and since he is portrayed as having a naturally conniving nature, Derek starts out ahead. Moreover, well hidden beneath the arrogance and confidence is a soft heart, which sometimes gets in the way of his desire to win.

This soft-heartedness is characterized by the fact that he, though generally being considered not very considerate, has a noticeable soft spot for his younger sister, Marti.

Derek's biological mother is Abby Venturi When it comes to Casey, Derek has a "nobody messes with my step-sister but me" attitude: Although their siblings seem to get along with each other fine, Casey and Derek, the older children do not get along at all.

Casey and her battles with her new step-brother are often main points of every episode.

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